About Us

Andrew Markerink started Master Clockmakers after returning to Australia following the completion of a Churchill fellowship in Switzerland Holland and England. Clockmaking has it beginnings in the Markerink family from as early as the 18th century and seems to be part of the DNA.

Andrew and his staff have for many years sought to provide the skills which other than Master Clockmakers have long vanished in many parts of the world and Australia. We are now the only surviving firm to continue to make handmade clocks and watches to order in Australia as well as provide high quality restoration, conservation and service work for significant clocks and watches, as a result we are privileged to be able to conserve and restore significant parts of Australia’s Horological history.

Andrew continues to train existing watchmakers in New Zealand and Australia by means of courses and lectures organised through the peak industry body in both countries and the Institute of technology in Sydney. Maintaining and boosting the depleted skills level in both countries has been a foundation point for the work that Andrew has undertaken over the past 30 years.

The Churchill fellowship that was undertaken in Switzerland provided many invitations to work with various museums and resulted in time being spent with the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich and the V&A in London as well as some significant workshops in Holland. Lecturing and writing for various Horological magazines and peak industry bodies worldwide has allowed Horological excellence to be paramount in the work carried out at the Camden and Pymble workshop.

Public clocks have continued to be a large part of the work undertaken at the Camden workshop with clocks as far east as  New Zealand, and as far south as the Historic Port Arthur Site Town Hall clock (circa 1855) and as far west  as the clock for Australia Post and State Rail at Broken Hill. The new generation of GPS regulated master clock systems has become an integral part of the work and sits alongside important clocks such as the tower clocks gifted to Tasmania by King George V. We now regularly service and have restored and maintained clocks for State Rail, Historic Houses Trust in both Tasmania and the ACT, Several Councils, National Trust and Power House Museum and many private collections both here and overseas.

Our business here at Camden has primarily been focused on conservation and sales of high quality and antique clocks and watches with pieces ranging in age from the late 1600’s to the present day and with a price range from $100,000 to $300. The opportunity to see the quality of the workmanship that has existed for centuries is a constant thrill. The highs come with the lows and with quality work we often see poor quality restoration which at times can never be rectified and we continue to struggle with the ever decreasing number of qualified tradesman in the industry being replaced by poorly trained ex-hobbyists. Master Clockmakers has a simple philosophy and that is at all times remember that the work you do now will be judged forever. Clocks and watches like few other things are held in such high esteem that they are treasured by people for generations regardless of fashion or style and the manner in which they have been made or repaired continues as a legacy for all time.

The new millennium is now well underway and with it the new technologies have become as much a part of our future business as the need to conserve the important heritage of the past. GPS sits alongside the 17th century verge escapement in a lantern clock on the wall, both serving a purpose that keeps us all aware that time passes regardless of what we try to change.

Master Clockmakers looks forward to being of service to the Horological world for many generations to come.