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Bega clock tower keeps up with the times

Bega’s clock tower will be up and running once again this week, after its first major renovations since it was built in 1930.

Specialist clock maker Andrew Markerink was pulling out the old interior mechanism on Monday and replacing it with a new electronic system linked to at least five satellites to keep the correct time.

He said the clock would automatically reset for daylight savings and the system would need maintenance “very, very rarely”.

The clock’s hands were also to be put back on and new UV-treated polycarbonate clock faces to be installed after removing the old ones.

But the repairs, worth nearly $20,000, were not just about the inner workings.

Bega Valley Shire Council’s urban spaces coordinator Cliff Shipton said the base would be cleaned up and the gold leaf on the tower’s memorial plaque would be redone.

He said council would put the old lead pendulum – which weighed about 15kg – on display.

Gipps St will be closed at the tower until Wednesday.

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