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A nice story that is typical of most clock owners. The background to why a clock is so important to us is often filled with stories that put a smile on your face. We received the following email from a client we saw yesterday and after checking that they were happy to let the world read it it as well I have posted it below.
Dear Andrew
I arrived home this afternoon to find that you were able to start our Kienzle grandfather (long case) clock for us. Thank you so much! To hear that lovely chime on the half hour brought a big smile to my face.
This clock is such a sentimental piece to me. A history story follows as I believe, from your website, that you have a love for these old pieces and might be interested.
My father was in WWII for 3 years (from Canada to Europe 1943-5) and was in charge of setting up officers’ clubs in areas the Allied forces had taken over. I don’t know a lot of details as, understandably, he did not speak of those years very much.
My understanding is that if he had not salvaged this clock, somewhere in Belgium in 1944, it would have been destroyed. He had it boxed up and sent to my mother in Canada and the label on the wooden box apparently read “FRAGILE, HITLER’S BODY”. This is an old family story. The dent that has remained on the pendulum probably was due to the trip from Europe to Canada but the joke was that a bullet had dented it.
I grew up with the clock in my home. I do not remember that it was ever serviced (43 years in Canada in 3 different cities.)
I married in the late 1980s and moved to Sydney but shortly after, both my parents had passed away. I had the opportunity to bring some of the family furnishings to Australia and, of course, the grandfather clock was at the top of my list. It was serviced after we had our house painted the last time (8 years ago). That was the first time in, probably, 64 years! What a trooper!!
Thank you for your prompt response to my call out for help and for your evaluation for insurance purposes. We shall certainly keep in mind that it should be serviced every two years. We have neglected this and should not!
We will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone we know who is looking for an antique time piece or who has need of service to an old time piece.
Trish and Barry, Belrose, NSW


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For over three decades Andrew and his staff at Master Clockmakers have been involved in the restoration and conservation of timepieces from historically important clocks such as Sydney Town Hall and the clocks for Sydney Central Railway to small intricate ladies watches made by watchmakers such as Patek Philippe.

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